Desert backyard home featuring Arizona landscaping trends.

Arizona Landscaping Trends

Arizona’s unique landscape mixes beauty and its rugged terrain into its own unique characteristic unlike any other found in the United States. When it comes to blending your home or business’ property into the desert setting, taking advantage of different landscaping trends will achieve that effect. Of course, living near the Sonoran Desert means hot summer months. Heat doesn’t deter us from designing the perfect landscape with the details you want. The right resources and materials can even help you cut down your home or property’s energy costs – a big plus when the AC is running throughout the whole summer. Learn what landscaping trends many Arizona residents prefer and what you can do to make it efficient. 

Landscaping Trends to Match the Desert

Desert landscaping ideas are nothing short of boring, and the iconic scenery that Arizona provides is one to be a source of envy for all. Many homes in the desert look to embody some aspects of the desert, as well as create an escape for when the summer months kick in. Different uses of landscaping material throughout your property can help you achieve the best of both worlds. Some of the most modern landscaping design trends used in 2020 feature one of these characteristics. 

A Tropical Oasis

Traversing through a desert, you would be relieved to find water. This doesn’t mean your home needs to have a pool if you don’t already have one. But adding subtle features, like a water fountain, can give you a sense of peace and escape in your backyard. Paired with the right tropical plants to cast some shade, you can almost trick your mind into wandering to a serene paradise. 

Keep in mind that there are many plants that will still thrive in the middle of the summer; just take a look at all the palm trees that line our streets! While palm trees aren’t your only options, you can still choose from a selection of plants and trees that will align perfectly with your landscape design goals.  

Native Plants

Sure, you can add some cacti to really capture that Sonoran Desert feel, but you can also get creative with other options. Native Arizona plants will not only thrive on your home or business’ property all year-long, but you can also find native flowers that will add an appealing pop of color. Plus, the right plants can add some shade to your property and ideally lower your energy costs.  

Light Colors

As you can imagine, black surfaces won’t be seen in many Arizona homes or businesses in direct sun exposure. Residents tend to lean towards lighter colors to absorb less of the sun’s rays and keep their surfaces cooler than with darker colors. Many materials, such as stucco, concrete, brick or granite, lean towards a lighter and more natural color. This desert landscaping trend embodies more earthy tones of color that not only keeps your surfaces cooler, but blends in with the natural setting of the desert. 

Grass or Turf

An easy solution to provide cooler effects to your home or garden is to add grass or artificial turf. Known as sod, artificial grass takes less time to grow, is simpler to maintain and does not require mowing. Sod is one of the top landscaping ideas that Arizona residents have turned to because of its simplicity to maintain. 

The great part about living in the desert is that you’re not limited to a few resources. These are only a few trends most commonly found in Arizona homes and businesses. A number of landscaping ideas are still available to you that will help you install a creative yard or property. 

Common Landscaping Materials

You now have an idea of what you want for your property and how you envision your dream yard to look like with a few of these desert landscaping ideas. Now it’s a matter of finding the right resources to fulfill that dream. While you can make a trip to the local hardware store and pick up everything you need, a landscaping consultant is best to speak with to get the exact measurements down, and make sure your plans go through without a hitch. Consider some of the specific details of what you want included in your landscaping project. 

1. Rock Landscaping Ideas

You can add unique rock landscaping to your property to give it more of a rugged feel. Options ranging from river rocks and pebbles to boulders exist to add texture. Crushed granite is one of the most common types of rocks you will find in an Arizona home or business.

Depending on your end goal needs and what you want to include in your exterior design, finding a balance between rock usage and other landscaping materials is essential to think through. One of the biggest pros of adding rock landscaping to your home or business property is the low maintenance needed, and that it can keep weed growth down. However, cons include you’re limited to plant growth, depending on how the rock is laid down. Especially when living in the desert, heat will more easily bounce off the surface.

2. Plants and Flowers 

Plants and flowers can thrive even in the middle of an Arizona summer, depending on what type of installations you choose. Even with the right materials, you can pick and choose the best types to cast some shade and cool your yard down. A huge advantage when you’re looking for easy solutions to cut monthly energy costs down! 

Arizona is home to a number of colorful flowers that will bloom all year long. This makes it easier to use materials that will add a pop of color to your yard. Paired with the right shrubs and trees, you can either create a yard that feels tropical or one that is sensible to your needs. 

3. Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting does more than just light up your walkway or illuminate the beautiful designs you just had installed. Different lighting features add a touch of character to your yard and are more than just blinding white light. Some high-voltage lighting options may include path lights, post, accent or inground lighting. 

Figuring out which to choose depends on what you want to highlight to anyone passing by your property. This is where the fun starts and you can work your creativity into a day and night visual appeal. You may want to consider up lighting to dramatize your trees, shadow plants to create a moodier effect or wash your entire area if you’re creating an entertainment space. Whatever you choose, highlighting your property will allow you to enjoy the landscaping any time of day or night. 

4. Grading and Mounding

Landscape grading will even and level out property to keep water from flowing towards establishments. Through this process, grading will evenly disperse across your yard and give any plantings attention. This will leave more availability to add the aesthetic touches to help you achieve a landscape worthy of thriving in the desert. While you can fish out a rake and start trying to even out your yard yourself, landscape grading is a science more than anything. Oftentimes, landscape architects will need to be called out to take precise measurements of the property before breaking ground and bringing in tractors. Avoid making the mistake of not calling in an expert’s point of view when it comes to leveling your yard. Making sure it is done right the first time will reduce the amount of work required to fix it later on.

On the other side of grading is landscape mounding. Just like the rolling green golf courses you see, mounding adds an “island” element to your property that draws the eye to a new perspective. Mounds, or berms, are also a place to raise flowers and plants to provide additional privacy. And much like grading helps deter irrigation away from an establishment, mounds improve that drainage in soil to allow for plants to thrive. Also like grading, landscape berms require a science to look proportionate to the rest of the landscape, as well as fit in naturally. 

5. Sod and Artificial Grass

No matter how hot it gets in the middle of the Arizona desert, you can still find ways to cool your surfaces down with a sod installation! Sod, versus grass, is much easier to install and maintain. This “instant lawn” is ready to lay out and produce gorgeous green grass in only a matter of weeks. Especially if placed in your backyard, you don’t need to worry about heat bouncing off rock or pavement and scorching your feet when you’re trying to relax. There are plenty of benefits to installing sod either in your own home, or including it in your business. You can cut back on maintenance costs needed to water real grass, or planting fertilizer to keep it alive. 

6. Paver Installation

Pavers pull your entire landscape into one focal point for your guests. Whether used to lay down as a walkway, or space to gather, pavers range from clay to cement material to add that foundational touch. Install a paver to use practically, or get creative and lay out more artistic designs that fit into your overall goals. A number of paver patterns exist that you can choose from. The list of paver trends never ends and figuring out where to lay it gives you endless possibilities! 

7. Irrigation Connection

You have your ideas for bringing all your landscaping ideas together, but don’t forget one essential piece that will keep all the pieces thriving. An essential irrigation system will keep your plants and flowers looking fresh and continue complementing your entire yard. Even when you’re not on your property or at home all day long, you can even rely on WiFi controlled systems to make sure everything keeps running when you’re gone. Tie everything together and don’t forget any piece of this puzzle as you create your dream landscape perfect for the Arizona desert!