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      • Thank you for requesting a change order for your project.
      • This change order is not considered received or processed until you receive confirmation back through an official change order submitted from Core Landscape to you in Joist. We make all efforts to generate change orders within 24 hours from the date we receive them.
      • Change Request Type 1 is required, but if there are additional changes please include those in the 2 and 3 fields along with notes for each request.
      • A separate request should be filled out and submitted for more than 3 changes to your project. After completing this form the first time you may refresh and complete the form again.
      • By signing below or authorizing your electronic signature by typing in your name, Client confirms that Client has read, understood and agreed to the terms specified in the original Agreement and this change is separate from any prior agreements. By submitting and signing this Agreement or authorizing an electronic signature, Client accepts and agrees the change will be drafted and submitted to the client from Core Landscape prior to any additional work being performed and following all money/monies requested and paid in full.

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