Tumbleweed Ranch

Tumbleweed Ranch is a historic site in Chandler, Arizona, that preserves the history and culture of the area through interactive exhibits and educational programs. It is located at 2250 S McQueen Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286.  The ranch provides visitors with a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience life on a working ranch in the early 1900s.

The ranch, which was originally built in 1917, was once a part of the vast agricultural landscape of the East Valley. The ranch was purchased by the City of Chandler in 1996 and has since been transformed into an interactive museum that offers visitors a glimpse into the life of early settlers in the area.

One of the highlights of Tumbleweed Ranch is its interactive exhibits, which allow visitors to participate in the daily activities of the ranch. Visitors can help milk cows, feed chickens, and even grind corn using a vintage corn grinder. The ranch also features a blacksmith shop, a garden, and an orchard that visitors can explore.

In addition to the interactive exhibits, Tumbleweed Ranch also offers a variety of educational programs that are designed to teach visitors about the history and culture of the area. These programs include guided tours, educational workshops, and special events that are held throughout the year. Discover More about Chandler here

One of the most popular events at Tumbleweed Ranch is the annual Chandler Science Spectacular, which is held each January. The event features hands-on science exhibits, demonstrations, and workshops that are designed to inspire and educate visitors of all ages.

Tumbleweed Ranch is also home to the Chandler Farmers Market, which is held on Thursdays throughout the year. The farmers market features a variety of locally grown produce, handmade crafts, and artisanal food products.

In addition to its educational and cultural offerings, Tumbleweed Ranch is also a popular venue for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. The ranch offers a unique and picturesque setting for events, with its historic buildings, lush gardens, and scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

Overall, Tumbleweed Ranch is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of the East Valley. The ranch provides a unique and immersive experience that allows visitors to step back in time and experience life on a working ranch in the early 1900s. Whether you are looking for an educational experience, a fun family outing, or a unique venue for your next event, Tumbleweed Ranch is definitely worth a visit.

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