Professional Landscape

Core Landscape also installs new landscapes for homes or businesses across Arizona. We can lay out sod, pavers, rocks and plants, as well as grade or mound your property. We’ll also consult with you on new ideas for a landscape renovation if you’re looking for redesigns. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Premium Irrigation

Our Landscape and irrigation services will cover maintenance and upkeep for your system. We cover both commercial and residential properties in the Phoenix, AZ area. Explore how we can install a new Landscape system, repair an existing, troubleshoot, or look at mainline and drip systems – to name a few.

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Professional Irrigation Services and Landscape Installation in Phoenix, AZ 

Core Landscape, LLC is your go-to Arizona landscaping company providing high-quality and professional irrigation and Landscape services. From repairs, to installation, to maintenance of new and existing systems, our team is sure to exceed your expectations. We also do full landscapes and make sure that your home or business runs as efficiently as possible. Request a quote and find out how we can fulfill your Phoenix-area residential or commercial needs.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for full landscape installations in Phoenix. We are licensed to provide paver, rock, plant, sod, lighting and color installation, as well as grading and mounding. Whether you are looking for a brand new landscape installation for your home or business, or simply need a renovation, we will work with you to determine the best strategy for meeting your wants and needs. No matter where you are in Maricopa County or surrounding Arizona desert, we will provide the materials needed for a successful landscape job.

Core Landscape, LLC was founded in 2016 by owner Aaron Merkow in Gilbert, AZ. Aaron has over 12 years of experience in both landscaping irrigation and installation projects across Phoenix. Previous company experience included Landscape system installations, repair services, and irrigation consultation. Core Landscape, LLC focuses on the most important aspect of landscaping, the irrigation system. Without a properly working irrigation system, landscapes cannot sustain themselves – especially in Arizona heat. Our company was founded on the belief of everyone being treated fairly, without taking shortcuts in our services.

Give us a call today and see how we can help fix, transform, or just provide ideas into your current landscape irrigation system in Phoenix! Learn how we can provide a full line of landscape irrigation and Landscape services for residential or commercial use in the Arizona desert.

Our Services

Core Landscape covers everything you need for highly efficient irrigation and landscaping systems.

Landscape System
Repair & Installation

For faulty Landscape systems that aren’t working as efficiently as you would like them to, we will take a close look…

Drip System
Repair & Installation

A drip irrigation system being installed into the ground.
We provide services in drip irrigation system repair and installation that will help your yard run more efficiently…

Landscape Valve
Repair & Replacement

sprinkler valve repair and replacement
Irrigation valves are vital to your whole Landscape system and affect the overall quality. Every so often your Landscape…

Plant Installation
& Landscaping

plant installation and landscaping
An energy efficient landscaping design can help you reduce the cost of consumption. The right layout…

Mainline Pipe
Repair & Installation

Your mainline pipe is your direct source for your irrigation system. Any leaks may drive up your usage costs up while limiting…

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    We work hard to maintain a 5-star ratings, and continually rise above our customer’s expectations – here’s what our customers say about us:

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    A Trusted Full Service Landscape Installation Company

    Our community is important to us. We want our customers in the Phoenix area to know that our company is represented well and our promise to provide outstanding service is consistent across the web. Here are few places to check out our reputation:

    Rosie On The House
    Certified Provider

    Rosie On The House has recognized Core Landscape among the most trusted and tightly screened home improvement contractors and service providers in the industry.

    Yelp 5-Star
    Verified License


    Yelp has acknowledged and verified Core Landscape as a licensed irrigation provider in the Maricopa County area. Hire us and trust us to get the job done right.

    Core Landscape Google Reviews

    This isn’t the only 5-star Google Review in our Rolodex… “In short I will say that Core Landscape has its act together, and their track record is proof of that. Aaron and his team did a professional job, which was exceptional for this area.”

    The Core Landscape Difference

    We are proud of the work we do and even prouder that we can provide you the highest quality service. Many factors make us much different from our competitors. These are just a few:

    Specialized Parts

    We only use specialized parts that you won’t find in retail establishments. The problem with higher volume parts found at large chain stores is that they have a shorter life span. We only use high-quality, commercial-grade pieces that will not easily break down and give you more for your investment.

    Custom Configurations

    We configure systems built to last. Combined with our specialized parts, our installation process will never seek shortcuts. We make the most out of the time spent to correctly install landscaping systems to your satisfaction.

    Quick Response Times

    Our quick response times means we're getting our work completed within the same 24-48 hours as your appointment window. You can also expect a speedy turnaround time on any estimates for maintenance or services.

    Clear Agreements

    Clear and concise agreement terms will be provided on electronic forms for you to see exactly what services we propose to help you with. This will give you the time you need to review the specifics and return an electronically signed document before we begin work.

    Un-matched Warranty

    We offer a 5-year warranty, one of the longest in the industry, because we take our methods seriously and fully believe in the quality provided.
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    Our landscaping irrigation services stretch across Maricopa County – from Phoenix to Anthem and down to Florence.

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    Maintenance Packages & Support

    We can work with you to provide a service package which supports all your needs.

    Core Landscape will exceed your expectations and provide the best landscape and irrigation services.

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